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Khongea Assam Golden Tips Tea Tin (2023 Harvest)

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The best Assam teas are harvested in the summer months of May and June during the high quality Second Flush period. Khongea is among the few tea plantations in the Brahmaputra river valley that grow the P126 Clonal plants that produce a distinctive tea with a large proportion of chunky golden tips. When brewed, the cup offers a warm golden liquor with a rich spicy and malty character. This is a great breakfast tea that is best drunk with milk. 100g loose tea in an elegant Glenburn Gift Tin.

Tasting Notes

Malt and nuts with the sweetness of caramel. Dry Leaf Appearance: A beautiful mixture of dark black leaves and prominent full golden tips. Wet Leaf Aroma: n/a Liquor: Deep ruby red.

How To Brew

2.5g tea 200ml (7 fl-oz) water 100°C (212°F) 3 - 5 minutes


Khongea Tea Estate, Assam Although established in the late nineteenth century by two English tea planting ladies, Khongea has been managed and owned by the Prakash family for over 50 years. Khongea is situated in the upper reaches of Assam, on the south bank of the Brahmaputra River.

Based on 22 reviews
wonderful tea

wonderful flavorful tea. Thank you.

wonderful tea

just great tea, quality, taste, one of the best

Green Tea Bags
Natalia Baranova

Green Tea Bags

Festive Gift Box - Glenburn Elephant Gift Set

Kirsi Ilta

Very Good

Khongea Assam CTC Tea
Brianna Velarde

Khongea Assam CTC Tea

Excellent product

It's nice to have a wonderful tea to gift to my girls. They love this tea!

Love it

We love
Glen burn tea having visited 10 years ago- it is still our favourite tea.
A very quick delivery made it even better

Masala Chai
Maria E De Luna

Great tea and great customer service.

Masala Chai
matt k.
One of the best premixed blends available

Everytime I brew this tea, it reminds me of the smells and tastes of the chai freshly made in the Himalayan mountains.

Smooth lovely flavours

Best tea ever! Shipped promptly.

Pure Assam Tea Bags
Christine Beharrell
Superb tea!

Ever since visiting the Glenburn Tea Estate in Darjeeling we have been ordering our tea from them. We love the Assam and also the Darjeeling but without doubt our favourite is the green tea. Without a doubt the best we have tasted!!

Delicious and full bodied

Glenburn tea is so delicious and full bodied, I can use one tea bag for a large mug (that requires two tea bags of other teas). All the flavors I have tried are smooth and delicious. I highly recommend Glenburn teas!

Delicious tea!

Glenburn tea is incredibly robust and delicious! I highly recommend all of their flavors, especially the Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Totally unacceptable

The review request states that the tea was delivered 24 days ago. That is a lie. After waiting weeks for the tea, I sent a polite message to Glenburn to ask where my tea was. I had not received any notifications whatsoever from UPS or from Glenburn about any imminent delivery. I received a very terse answer that the tea had been delivered, and attached was a receipt of delivery. It turned out that UPS had left the package at a shoe shop, about 5 km from my house. Considering that the delivery fee was already excessive and the delivery was supposed to be to my address, this is not acceptable. It’s made worse by the fact that UPS had just left it there, without notifying me. I have sent mails to Glenburn asking for an explanation, but they have not answered. Finally I traveled by bus to the shoe shop to pick up the package. As for the tea, I got it just the other day so I have not tasted it yet. I know that in the past I have liked Glenburn tea very much. In those days, I bought it from TeaBox, who unfortunately no longer sell it. Whoever handles the sales and the delivery for Glenburn is incompetent and disrespectful. I will not purchase anything again from Glenburn, or go to their hotel, until I have received an explanation and an apology.

Nothing delivered

The order was not fulfilled. I payed in advance, including an exorbitant fee for shipping. Nothing has been delivered. My complaints have been ignored. This is not a serious company.

They took my money and I received nothing

I payed in advance for the tea, and a rather hefty add-on for the shipping. I got a confirmation of the payment and the order. In the order confirmation, I was informed that that I would receive shipping and tracking information later from the shipping company.

Then I heard nothing at all for a month. When I wrote to Glenburn to ask, I got a very terse answer saying that the tea had been delivered and that they had proof of delivery. That proof, which they gave a a copy of, was a delivery made to a small shoe store in a dodgy part of my city. This shoe shop is apparently used as a collection point by UPS. Before this, I did not even know that UPS was the assigned shipping company.

I have received absolutely no communication from UPS, by phone email or in any other form. I have written to Glenburn to inquire further about the matter. They refuse to answer. The package of tea may be at this shoe shop or not. I may try to go there, but it would have to be a day when I have time to go there around midday. Late afternoon, that place isn’t safe.

Do NOT buy tea from Glenburn, or if you do use an intermediary. Their prices are high, they charge a lot for shipping, and there procedures for handling orders and customer concerns are unethical and probably borderline illegal. Avoid!

Pure Darjeeling Tea Bags
Christine Beharrell
All Glenburn teas are fabulous!

Following a visit to Glenburn Darjeeling tea plantation a few years ago we have been ordering our tea directly from them. Fantasically efficient and quick (tea arrives within a few days) and tea always delicious!

Earl Grey Tea Tin
Toyoko Kametani
Earl Grey tea tin

It is a great tea, but I ordered by error. I like English BF and I ordered wrong tea.
I will use it for gift to my friend.
I was looking at Assam

I ordered three items, and I realized
I wanted get English breakfast instead of earl grey.
Breakfast blend was great.

Masala Chai
Albert Chui
Masala Chai Purchase Experience

I am a return customer of the product which is excellent in quality comparing to similar product in the market.

Purchase by post is also timely and convenient!

A delight to the senses✅

They have THE BEST earl grey that I have ever had. A beautiful cup of tea is a small joy but a profound source of happiness. This tea is just lovely. Thank you!