About Glenburn Fine Tea

Glenburn Direct is a proprietary Internet business model set up by the Prakash family, a dynasty with a 100-year tradition in growing and manufacturing tea. Glenburn’s aim is to connect tea drinkers around the world with the tea growers of their two estates in India – Khongea (Assam) and Glenburn (Darjeeling). The aim is simple, to bring you the freshest seasonal tea directly from its source.

Assam and Darjeeling are both premium tea-growing regions of the world. Hence we sell only the best Indian tea. We manufacture many types of tea: not only some of the best Single Estate black Assam and Darjeeling tea on the market but also speciality teas such as White tea, Oolong tea and green tea, as well as premium tea bags filled with exactly the same tea we sell loose leaf, and classic blends such as English Breakfast Tea, Earl Grey Tea and Chai tea that use our top quality Assams and Darjeelings as their base.

Tea in North India is produced for about nine months of the year, from March to November. The same tea plant may be plucked (harvested) thirty times during this period. Tea produced from the same plant, but during a different time of the year can produce a very different flavour because of a change in the environmental conditions, mainly the weather and season.

A good tea maker has to be very sensitive to these changes, and may have to fine-tune his processes on a daily basis to get the best of results. There is no machine that can help him, and he must rely on his refined olfactory senses.

The tea that you will receive will be from a single "batch" of tea produced on a particular day of a particular season. You will be provided with details on the specific growing conditions for that particular batch, from the rainfall and temperature on that day to the section of the estate your tea has come from and also the planting material used. Instead of aiming for consistency, Glenburn hopes that you will enjoy the unique character of your own "single-malt" tea.

All Glenburn tea comes from a series of Special Harvests conducted throughout the year on the best days of a particular season.