Freshly picked Silver Needle buds! The buds appear green in colour because this photo is in the field right after the buds were plucked. It is after the buds are carefully dried for over 12 hours that they turn silver.

While this tea requires precise execution of cultivation and tea making processes, the most difficult step is plucking. Our most skilled pickers are called upon for plucking Silver Needles, as they are required to pluck only the bud and nothing else. While a plucker would pick about 8-12kg of leaf in a day, they only pluck about 150g of the buds.

In addition, we are only able to harvest these chunky buds for around 7 days in the entire year. The buds come from pruned bushes, that first bear leaf in April. After the first plucking, the buds become much smaller in size; not to the quality of the Glenburn Silver Needle.

This unique combination of art and science produces one of the rarest and most sought after teas in the world. It has a very light body with no astringency, whilst still having crisp, subtle and delightful undertones of citrus and peach.